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Ana Montes has been dancing since she was 5-1/2 years old, training in classical ballet which she continues to this day. Ana studied Vaganova method, and the Cuban National Ballet method.

Her flamenco studies started in Sevilla where she has studied under Angelita Vargas and José Galván.

In Madrid Ana studied with many of the most well known and respected flamenco teachers and artists including Ciro, La Tati, El Güito and Merce Esmeralda. She also studied the Spanish folkdance "jota" with the famous Pedro Azorín.

Ana danced professionally at various clubs and theaters and with Rosa Montoya Bailes Flamencos, out of San Francisco.

She left the United States to dance professionally in Spain, Europe and Mexico for 7 years. These years include dancing with the Ballet Español del Camborio, the Ballet Español de Fernando Romero in Madrid, at El Burrero Peña Flamenca in Madrid and with Joaquín Ruiz

Ana has been performing and teaching in the Seattle and Bellevue areas for over a decade. She teaches all levels, from very beginning to professional, and her students range in age from 5 years old through adults.

Known as one of the West Coast's foremost female flamenco dancers Ana has been acclaimed as brilliant and charismatic, moving with grace and elegance, especially the upper torso, arms and hands which so defines the female flamenco dancer, yet at the same time containing that tension and passion which makes flamenco so exciting. Ana is known for her incredible rhythm and has been called a 'master' of rhythm, both with her palmas (percussive clapping) and with her footwork.

Ana currently performs, teaches and produces student shows out of her studio Flamenco Danzarte.

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